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After Baby resistance band videos for your prenatal & postpartum workout

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

Best Resistance Band Full Body Flow Workout Video!

Resistance band workout are for prenatal and postpartum workouts.

In fact, ACOG specifically recommends using resistance bands as a safe part of your wellness routine to stay strong during and after pregnancy.

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your medium strength resistance band,

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They are also a great prop to help moms maintain their functional fitness who are facing problems with their posture. This band works in a different way but the expected result is the same as traditional weight training.

According to the SAGE Open Medicine resistance band workout gives the same strength as weight lifting exercise. The band workout is different from traditional weight training exercises.

Resistant band creates a resistance and the muscle will work against that resistance which makes the muscle more active. In weight training, the resistance comes from the gravity and they cannot be used in any direction whereas bands can be too attached to any surface and can be used accordingly. Moreover, bands do not create the same amount of pressure as weights. That's why the user can change to what level of resistance he wants.

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There are different colored resistance bands. the color means the degree of resistance.

Basically there are two types of bands:

Flat Resistant Band Tubular Resistant Band.


1) Muscles don't max out

2) The band also adds assistance along with resistance

3) This band is good for stretching out the muscles.

4) This can be used for muscle recovery and injury

The use of resistant bands is inexpensive and it can be used with any surface which makes it most popular to those people who can't go to the gym.

Bands are mostly used by those people who are trying to recover from injury or want to reshape their body. However, new mothers can use this band workout to regain their strength.

Using resistance bands safely: Training with resistant band is quite safe. However, to get the best results there are some things that needs to kept in mind.

1) Never use old, worn, or cracked bands which may break or torn during a repetition causing injury.

2) before doing an exercise make sure that handles are perfectly attached to the surface.

3) make sure no one opens the door when using door knob as the surface. Further more make sure that the band is perfectly attached with the surface and the surface do not move.

For the most part, tubing with handles at each end works best. You may also consider tubing with no handles (you can remove one or both), which may make it easier to tie one end off but more difficult to hold.


ONE OPTION we found for a resistance band workout at a glance if we look at the full body workout plan:


10 Band Over and Backs 10 Vertical Band Pull Apart 10 Horizontal Pull Apart WORKOUT:

12 Band Squats 10 Overhead Presses 12 Band Deadlifts 10 Arm Rows (per side) 10 High to Low Band Rows

This is plan for beginners to get used to the stretch and pressures in the muscles. After that the advanced exercise will be provided in the coming videos.

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