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Best After Baby Yoga Video For Separated Abdominals

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

If you have separated abdominals or diastasis recti, you may want to modify your yoga practice and poses.

Most yoga feels great and offers many benefits from pregnancy power yoga to safe stretching postpartum, yoga videos and home workouts. Yoga and Pilates can be a great way to tone during pregnancy and feel better after baby. But if you have abdominal separation or daistasis recti (see our previous blog post HERE) you will want to run a checklist in your head as you start to return to your old practice or workout routine. Check out the best video for diastasis recti and sphynx pose HERE.

It's not so much about closing the gap you may have in your "6 pack muscles"  as it is about practicing functional fitness. Which means:

  • Focusing on alignment when moving
  • Breathing properly to prevent bulging
  • NOT  OVER twisting 
  • NOT over arching
  • Preventing ribs from splaying

We have a great yoga video HERE for after baby to help with modifying your Sphynx Pose if your abdominals are separated.

So, if you are practicing yoga, try to keep your ribs over your hips and open more through your chest and sternum than by arching your low back and thrusting ribs forward. Maintain stability before you try to expand and open.

Want more tips on Diastasis Recti? CLICK HERE



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