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After Baby Exercise Birth Recovery Course Workout

I know that so many new moms are struggling (especially now with COVID) and are experiencing even more isolation than ever! It's hard to get out to a yoga or exercise class or find a specialized pre/post expert to support you.

It's difficult to get the support of a peer group so I have decided to help YOU and open up formerly MEMBERS ONLY content to all your new or soon to be moms out there overcoming the various issues after giving birth.


We know that movement helps with:

  • depression
  • back pain
  • sleep deprivation
  • anxiety 
  • overall wellness

It was the first thing that helped me feel most like myself postpartum, and why I am so passionate about getting this essential information out to moms.

My Essential Birth Recovery Course starts with gentle stretches and is designed to slowly, safely take women through a functional fitness program that focuses on mobility, stability and alignment.

 Movement Heals.

And if you...

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Healing Diastasis Recti: 

Tips for Birth & Fitness Professionals

It’s estimated that two out of three of women experience separated abdominals during pregnancy or postpartum due to diastasis recti. So when women come to me complaining of back pain or pelvic floor dysfunction, five days or even 15 years postpartum, the first thing I do is assess their abdominals. Separated abdominals affect the entire core and how it is (or isn’t!) supporting, performing, stabilizing, and loading the pelvis and back. Healing diastasis recti and integrating with functional fitness is what we seek to do.

Who is at risk?

Although many people experience diastasis recti, new moms are at higher risk due to the constant lifting, twisting, carrying, and wearing of babies and toddlers. So what causes separated abdominals and what are the most effective steps to encourage healing? Here we diagnose diastasis, as well as provide tips and modifications for recovery on how to heal with...

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