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After Baby Foam Rolling for Back Pain

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Interested in learning how to use your foam roller for after baby exercises + stretches?

This tool can be great go to after labor, birth and when you feel ready to start gentle movement again after your baby is born.

In fact, the first thing I did to reconnect for my c-section healing postpartum was to slowly get on the roller, take some deep breath's and open up my chest & shoulders.

It felt so good in the early weeks postpartum to do something movement related that was as good for my well being as it was for my overall alignment.  I have been rolling out for over 18 years and use the roller for most musculoskeletal ailments and imbalances. I even roll my kids out!

If you are a runner + returning to running postpartum, the roller can be especially useful for helping with hip pain & recovery. But really, everyone needs a roller- I even gave one to my dentist because she is so hunched over it's painful to watch.

I have put together a little checklist below if you are new to foam rolling and want to get started.

I also have a Foam Rolling Mamalates 6XPRESS Video Course coming up if you are looking for guidance and daily videos to get you on the road to reliving neck & back pain & feeling better- so check it out!

How to Choose a Foam Roller:

LENGTH: If you only have one roller, you're going to want a 36". Any shorter will limit the stretches you will be able to perform.

TYPES: make sure it's soft enough- you can get a firmer one for future use when you are more comfortable. I have compiled a list below

  Favorite ECO: foam roller HERE. ** MAKE CERTAIN TO SELECT 36" size**

  Basic: Purchase a softer, more basic  foam roller HERE

  Firm: Purchase a firmer foam roller HERE

  Trigger Point: Rumble Roller with nubs HERE



When you are using the roller for a prenatal workout or postpartum recovery, you will want to be careful how you get on and off of the roller. DO NOT "jackknife or roll up " off the roller. Instead, slowly roll off, on to the floor and then log roll up from there.

If you are in your 3rd or 4th trimester, it may be easier to do some of the exercises standing with the roller against the wall. Place vertically w/ your spine against the roller and start there.

 Other Tips:

Regardless of your alignment, if you are just staring to use a foam roller and are laying down with your spine & head on the roller, consider placing a small, folded hand towel under your head for support. Most of us are rounded forward from too much screen time and this makes it hard for us to get our ribcage and back of head on the roller simultaneously.  This can affect alignment when exercising & letting the head just a bit will help.

Time on roller: When first beginning with a rolling routine, limit your time on the roller to 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase as you get more comfortable.

For more information and videos, visit Mamalates Online!

I hope you have found this helpful! Feel free to reach out with any questions and Happy Rolling.





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